Attract the best and brightest
Speak to prospective students one-on-one and differentiate your school from the many others competing for their attention.
Increase your enrollment yield
Give accepted students an extra reason to say yes. Sending friendly reminders and making them feel listened to can influence their final decision.
Encourage and ensure student success
Stay in contact beyond admissions. Optimize student outcomes by sending them tips and resources to help them thrive.
Build and maintain relationships from recruitment through to enrollment.
Use messaging to invite dialogue
Message through the submission process
Help students make the right decisions
Reach out, stand out, and hit your goals
Right place, right time
Meet your audience where they are with custom tagging and segmentation.
Effective back-and-forth
Be known for being accessible. Conversing in real time cuts down on response time.
A tool for empowerment
Personal connection can inspire opportunity youth to take steps toward making life changes.
Communicate at scale
Use our web and mobile apps to keep up with a prospective student pool of any size.
Honest and supportive talk
Guide people through complex topics like financial aid and choosing a major.
Collect useful data
Create custom fields and notes to gather and store qualitative information on applicants.
Getting Hustle means getting guidance at every turn.
Your dedicated client success manager knows firsthand how challenging recruiting can be, and will personalize onboarding and setup of your first campaign according to your unique Needs.
You can then check in monthly or as much as you like. We’ll do whatever we can to make Hustling part of your institution’s success.
response rate with students
"With Hustle, people can respond to us quickly, whether they're in a meeting or in class”
Kenny Zapata, Mercy College
students engaged over 1.2M texts
“While Hustle has many clients, they make me feel like we are their most important one.”
Don Yu, Better Make Room